We use radio to amplify youth voices across Africa, giving them the skills and tools to speak about their lives


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Approximately 70% of the current population of Africa is below the age of 30. Makes you think…

More than ever, listening to the voices of youth is so important to strategize how we plan the future.

At the United Nations Global Strategy for Women, Children and Adolescent Health conference, held recently in Johannesburg, decision-makers were exploring what should be priority, what needs to be addressed, and how can we get support for addressing health issues for these groups in our society. Our youth reporters from Alex FM conducted a number of meaningful interviews with key speakers at the event, asking valuable and direct questions. Here Mbali Chiya speaks to the Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Marleen Temmerman.

See our Soundcloud playlist here for more interviews by other youth journalists.

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What does working in radio do for our youth? What is the impact on their lives?

Here two youth reporters from Qwaqwa Radio in the Free State in South Africa reflect on how getting fame, having more confidence, being a role-model and gaining better communication skills has changed their lives.

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Our “Mungongo ya Muana” (Voice of the Child) Project is finally taking off in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo! Flash-back on the young reporters’ training that took place at the beginning of April.

During five days, 24 young people living or having lived on the streets of Kinshasa learnt to use recorders and microphones to communicate about their daily lives, their dreams and challenges.

Equipped with these journalistic skills they are now busy with their weekly radio production activities including community reporting and a live show broadcast on the local station situated in the swarming Gambela open air market.

The aim of the Mungongo ya Muana project is to fight discrimination and stigma against street youth in the DRC capital.

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India Baird & Kholofelo Molewa: Co-chair of the South African Board


Cape Town, South Africa

Short bio intro

Kholofelo: I was recently appointed co-chair of the South African CRF board, and also on the international board, as of a month ago. And I studied law at WITS, and Commerce as well. In fact I went to both WITS and UCT [Universities in Johannesburg and Cape Town], after all was said and done. I am in developmental finance, which is combining finance for developmental objectives, whatever that means as well. I live in Cape Town, but I’m originally from Soweto, born and raised. Born in Baragwanath (hospital). I’ve been living in Cape Town for the last 8 years.

India: I am a human rights lawyer. I have been living and working in South Africa for over 20 years, focusing on women and children’ s rights. For the last 5 years, I’ve been working in a community in Manenberg, working...

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