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The period around our annual Youth Radio Awards is always an exciting, busy time, as we prepare to welcome youth reporters from across South Africa to Cape Town! This year is no less as we get ready to welcome 40 reporters from the Young Reporters Network; the winners of the national Ubuntu Competition; our generous funders, the Templeton World Charity Foundation; and our CRF President and Chairperson.

The 2016 Youth Radio Awards is our fourth annual event, and once again, we will honour and celebrate the youth for the community stories around various social issues that they have captured and shared with their listeners. We’ll be honouring the Best Stories on Education, Xenophobia, Ubuntu,  Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, Gender among others. The young reporters have produced stories and radio formats on these and other issues through the lens of ‘ubuntu’, which has been a focus topic over...

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Mobile journalists Mojo Velo, stopped by to visit some of our youth reporters in Lusaka, Zambia recently, and filmed them as they prepared to broadcast their Saturday morning show. These reporters with the Agents of Change Foundation focus on encouraging action on climate change, environmental sustainability and human rights.

The team of three ‘journalists on bicycles’ make up Mojo Velo, and have been travelling for about 5 months from Cape Town, on their way to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. They are cycling unsupported (fully self sufficient, and relying on the Ubuntu spirit of the people they meet), and will cover as many as 15,000 km on their journey. On their trip, they are sharing people’s stories of sustainability and innovation, challenging negative perceptions of Africa and promoting its innovation, ingenuity and resilience.

Mojo Velo created this documentary short film about their day spent with...

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The Children’s Radio Foundation’s “Ghetto Genius” youth reporters at Aganang FM in Potchefstroom took to the airwaves recently, following the murder of openly gay 17 year-old learner Lesley Makousa in their community.

Makousa was strangled to death with a shoelace, and his body was found in an abandoned area in Promosa Township. A 32 year-old suspect has since been arrested. His murder and other attacks against the LGBTI community are a reminder of the intense stigma and homophobia that punctuate the lives of LGBTI youth across South Africa. The youth reporters produced their hour-long show to get the community speaking about the challenges local LGBTI youth face.

In their show, they interviewed Thabiso Mogapi wa Tsotetsi, Chairperson of Action For Social Justice International, who noted that there was still a lot that needed to be done, and that schools had an important role to play: not just...

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Zama Chamane (Mother)


Durban, South Africa


Mxolisi Chamane


South African Youth Reporters Network site at Vibe FM, the youth radio show is called ‘Vibrant Youth’.

How did you come to enroll your child in the CRF program?

Mxolisi was introduced to CRF by Sboniso Dlamuka (former youth reporter). He used to invite Mxolisi for live debates on occasional Fridays. Bonga, the Youth Facilitator noticed Mxolisi and invited him to a workshop, lead by CRF members, to join as a youth reporter. From there he never looked back. I think it was late 2014.

What difference do you think the program has made in your child’s life? How have you seen him grow?

It has made a huge difference in his life because he used to be shy. He was never comfortable talking in front of people but now he is no longer afraid. He speaks with confidence. He shows confidence on air and speaks...

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This year, International Youth Day on August 12th gave us the opportunity to celebrate youth reporters addressing issues in their community through their unique perspectives, critical thinking, and informed broadcasts.

Watch our video of Beatrice Phiri, a Zambian youth reporter with Agents of Change Foundation, as she investigates how the use of charcoal for energy directly impacts daily life for communities in Lusaka.

Through radio, young people like Beatrice have become community leaders, sharing information about climate change the environment, and other local issues, gathering with peers to solve problems, and promoting dialogue that shifts mindsets. In our Unite4Climate Youth Radio project, over 100 active trained youth reporters create radio shows to elevate public dialogue about the multiple dimensions of climate change, its effects and challenges, and the ways it can be mitigated at the...

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