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Brighton Kaoma from Zambia recognised as a Queens Young Leader...read more.

One of our young reporters from Tanzania, Neema Charles Mchacho, 16 recently returned from the community radio station conference, AMARC in Ghana. She shares her experience here of the conference and how travelling out of her own country has impacted on her life in general!

You can listen to the audio commentary in Kiswahili, or read below some of the comments that Neema makes.

“What I learnt from the AMARC conference: first of all, I was inspired by seeing community radio stations from around the world come together at one meeting. I got to learn how much our communities rely on us reporters, and our role in informing and educating them in order to bring about change and development in our communities. …Also, I realized the role of reporters in the community. Thirdly, I have learnt different ways of improving our shows to make them more interesting and appealing to our listeners, for example I learnt...

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The Youth Reporter family in Cote d’Ivoire is growing! This July, 20 new reporters from Odienne and San Pedro joined the Enfants Reporter project. They participated in a 5-day training in Daloa, ending with each site producing their very first 10 minute radio show, live!

You can listen to Odienne’s first ever recording of “La Voix des Enfants” where they address the topic of mother to child transmission of HIV. (In French). The youth from San Pedro’s first ever recording of “Enfants Dynamiques” addressed the use of treated mosquito nets.

Last year 40 youth from Abidjan, Bouake, Man and Bondoukou started the project, and have been producing radio shows ever since. This July they returned to the radio classroom to talk about how their shows are going – how life is now that they are reporting on issues in their community and interacting with new people and ideas on a daily basis. They also...

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Patricia winning the competition!

We have 9 young reporters currently attending the 11th International conference of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) in Accra, Ghana. Along with members of the Children’s Radio Foundation and UNICEF team, are Patricia (17) and Olive (13) from Cote d’Ivoire, who have been Young Reporters since 2014.

These two girls were selected after participating in a competition amongst their peers to attend the AMARC conference, and won!   Their competition entries responded to the question: ‘What is the role of radio in my community?’  You can listen to Patricia’s audio commentary in French here.

Patricia shares her personal connection to the importance of radio in her life:  “It’s very important for me because it allowed me and my family to escape from the political crisis that happened in 2002 as they gave us information about when we needed to leave and where were the NGOs...

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One of our Young Reporters Network sites, Mamelodi FM was recently in the media, profiled on Maggs on Media, a weekly flagship programme on eNCA on DSTV (Channel 403). This TV show focuses on media, marketing and communication news and issues.

On Sunday, May 31 at 10h30, the MAMS FM young reporters “Powerful Young Leaders,” Areyeng Mphahlele and Tshepo Motau were showcased in a feature titled #FUTUREFIT that aimed to offer youth some guidance in terms of youth developing themselves professionally. The feature was a great platform for visibility for CRF and the Young Reporters Network!

You can watch the clip if you click here.



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Our Project Director, Linda Daniels was in the hot radio seat on Smile FM recently chatting about the 2015 Youth Radio Awards held at the Centre for the Book in Cape Town. She spoke about the type of radio programmes that young reporters submitted and how inspirational they are to so many of us!

Listen to the interview broadcast on the 16th of July, on the day of the Youth Radio Awards.

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