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Youth at the Ubuntu Lab 2015

Last week, we hosted our first ever conference, the ‘Ubuntu Lab’ at the District Six Homecoming Centre in Cape Town. It was a full day of sharing, discussing, listening, dreaming and… spontaneously breaking out in song!

The Youth Radio Awards finalists from around South Africa attended as well as local Cape Town projects, and everyone contributed their voice and creativity. The conference, in partnership with the Templeton World Charity Foundation, was a reflection of our learnings, application, questions, and ideas and challenges around Ubuntu. The conversations addressed Ubuntu in relation to LGBTIQ issues, gang violence and youth citizenship.

See here on our Facebook page for some more photos.

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In just over a weeks time, we will host our third Annual Youth Radio Awards in South Africa! Youth from our project sites around South Africa will gather in Cape Town for the Awards, and also to participate in The Ubuntu Lab, an unconventional youth-focused conference.

The Youth Radio Awards are an exciting time for our youth where we celebrate the dedication and passion of our young reporters across South Africa, who are part of the Young Reporters Network (YRN). This year our focus for the Youth Radio Awards is ubuntu. We have received amazing entries in the form of radio shows, stories, poetry and more that reflect on this African concept and philosophy.

Also this year, in partnership with the Templeton World Charity Foundation, the Children’s Radio Foundation will be hosting a one day conference called The Ubuntu Lab. Youth reporters who are finalists in the Youth Radio Awards will attend as well...

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What kind of public service announcement (PSA) would young people make if they had the chance? We gave some young people an opportunity to do this, from generating an idea, to creating a script, to finally recording in studio, and the results are powerful!

Our young reporters from the Centre for Science and Technology (COSAT) went through the process of producing a PSA, and recently completed the recording in Cape Town. After an orientation session where the youth were briefed on target audiences, and watched and listened to inspirational print and video PSA’s, they brainstormed and sketched out some ideas.

The exciting part was going into a studio to record their scripts in isiXhosa and English. Tim Pringle at Origin Audio worked with the youth to record the PSA , and he involved the youth in all the creativity. He went as far as projecting his work on a larger screen talking the youth through each...

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We are excited to announce the results of our call for proposal to improve youth participation on community radio stations in Liberia. And the winners are: Radio Gbarnga in Bong county, Voice of Rural Montserrado in Montserrado county and Peace FM in Margibi county.

These three winning radio stations gave the strongest practical ideas on how to increase and sustain active youth participation and to strengthen the radio station itself, in order to continue to provide a sound broadcast platform where young people can add their voices to crucial conversations that address issues affecting them, such as Ebola.

Shirk Sonii, CRF’s country coordinator reports on his visit to one of the stations: “Radio Gbarnga has a very huge listening audience in central Liberia, compared to other stations in the region. An audience map developed for the station… suggests the station has more than six hundred thousand...

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Together with our partner organization Agents of Change Foundation led by a former youth radio trainer and climate-change activist, Brighton Kaoma, we have been selected to receive funding for our new project in Zambia.

We’re excited that Unite4Climate, a youth-led initiative using community radio stations in Zambia will move into action. The radio stations will serve as dialogue hubs around issues of climate change where youth can speak, be heard, and inform their communities. The young reporters in the project will produce daily radio shows, and the interactions with community members and peers will position them as powerful agents in mitigating the effects of deforestation and pollution.

Brighton Kaoma was also recently acknowledged as one of the first ever Queen’s Young Leaders. He received this award in June at Buckingham Palace from Her Majesty The Queen of England. He is definitely a leader to...

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