We use radio to amplify youth voices across Africa, giving them the skills and tools to speak about their lives


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Photo by Sydelle Willow Smith

In partnership with the International AIDS Society, the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation and Makhulu, we are proud to launch the Youth Voices multimedia campaign. This advocacy initiative highlights the stories and perspectives of youth who are speaking out about their experiences and needs in the HIV response. Our project shares the personal stories of youth from South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania to ensure that their voices are heard in the global response to HIV. 

In 2014, two million adolescents (aged 10-19) were living with HIV globally, and in sub-Saharan Africa HIV was the leading cause of death. This past weekend was National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – a moment to draw attention to this stark reality. But if we want to enable change, we must amplify the voices of young people infected and affected by HIV, to actively shape HIV programmes and investment priorities that respond to their specific...

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