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CRF Youth Reporters interview Graca Machel...read more.


Youth Radio Awards 2014...read more.


Family Photo Day in Manenberg...read more.

CRF Young Reporter, Mbali shares her experience about her recent trip to the Water & Sanitation Conference in Stockholm. Mbali was one of the winners of the 2014 WASH Media Awards. The WASH Media Prize is awarded to journalists for excellence in reporting on critical water, sanitation and hygiene issues.

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Kamva thought it’d be a pretty normal day as he made his way to his Khayelitsha school one morning. Little did he know it would end with him in hospital. He reflects on his ordeal.

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Former US President Bill Clinton visited our youth project in Zanzibar –  a collaboration with UNICEF Tanzania and the Zanzibar Association of People living with HIV and Aids (ZAPHA)

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The youth reporters at Red River Primary School in Cape Town got the opportunity to interview Patrick Gaspard, the US Ambassador to South Africa. And it seems they hit all the right notes with this diplomat.

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The “Cracking It” young reporters from Kuruman in the Northern Cape, tackle the issue of Xenophobia within our communities. They discuss among themselves and interact with listeners on what can be done to get rid of these attacks on foreign nationals.

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