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CRF Youth Reporters interview Graca Machel...read more.


Youth Radio Awards 2014...read more.


Family Photo Day in Manenberg...read more.

Youth reporters at the Druiwevlei Community Centre in Manenberg discuss education and the safety at their schools. They explain how gangsterism affects them in and out of the class room and the kinds of distractions that take them away from studies at home. Have a listen!

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Sthembiso Ndumo, "Future Buidling 16" facilitator and YRN 2014 Best Facilitator

My name is Sthembiso Protas Ndumo, I’m from Newcastle in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. I am currently working for the Newcastle Community Radio Station and I am the Facilitator for the YRN Future Building 16 group. In this capacity, I just won the Best Facilitator Award at the June 15th Youth Radio Awards in Cape Town!

I started as a part time presenter doing a teenage talk show named “Talk and Be Heard” in 2004 and then I became a producer from 2006 until 2007. Due to studying purposes I had to leave the station for a few years after I completed my matric in 2007. I then went to Amajuba to Study Electrical Engineering because my mother said, “you need something to fall back on”. 

After that I then went back to radio and became a breakfast show presenter and ... Read More

Naiha (second from left) with the CRF UK team: Emmanuelle, Charlotte and Sophia

 On the 2nd July, Young Reporter Naiha Masih, her parents, and the CRF UK team went to the House of Commons in London to attend the “Youth Achievement Awards” event. This inspirational celebration was organized by the Universal Peace Federation, to honour young people for their exceptional involvement in projects impacting the lives of people around them and beyond.

While collecting her Award, Naiha gave a very inspiring speech relating to her experience visiting CRF Projects in Tanzania earlier this year, how that impacted her on a personal level as a young person, and strengthened her dedication to working with CRF. Naiha is also a member of the Youth Parliament where she was elected in 2013.

There were nine other Youth from across the country who were awarded in recognition of their contributions to NGOs and their communities. The awards were given to the young people by ... Read More

Our amazing 17 year-old youth reporter from Manenberg was recently chosen by the Cape Town based Woman Zone project for being such an inspiration for young girls in her community, both through her achievement with the CRF radio club and for being a  talented capoeirista (Capoeira is a brazilian martial art).

Woman zone held a ceremony at the Druiwevlei Community Centre on the 28th of June during which Bronwyn told her life story in front of a very emotional audience of family and friends before showing us some Capoeira kicks. Check her moves here!

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Today marks the end of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Children’s Health (PMNCH) Conference, which took place in Johannesburg.
Six of our CRF youth Reporters from South Africa and Tanzania were covering the Conference and on their last day, they got the amazing opportunity of interviewing Graca Machel, Chair of the PMNCH and former First Lady of South Africa.15 years-old Neema, from Mwanza in Tanzania, did an amazing job and admitted afterwards that her best moment was “the hug from Mama Graca”!  
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