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CRF Youth Reporters at AMARC community radio conference...read more.


Ubuntu Lab Youth Conference 2015...read more.


Brighton Kaoma from Zambia recognised as a Queens Young Leader...read more.

Youth watching themselves on screen at the launch of the UNICEF Radio Atlantis video

Youth Reporters, who produce the popular Teen Express show for Radio Atlantis in South Africa were praised for their efforts recently, when a UNICEF commissioned video depicting their work in documenting the community, was officially launched.

The launch of the video was supported by proud parents and members of the community; many of whom shed tears of pride at the young reporters dedication and commitment in reporting on issues impacting the youth of Atlantis. For many of the youth, this was a great opportunity for them to show their community what they do as young reporters, and how they can inspire other youth to do positive actions. Listen to the audio story from the event here.

Radio Atlantis also celebrates 20 years of being on the airwaves this year, and we marked this achievement in an article, featuring the station and our involvement with them. The article was published in the Cape Times on...

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Lebo Ntlathi is a local lead facilitator from Kurara FM, mentoring the ‘Cracking It’ young reporter team, which she has done since 2012.

Lebo hails from the rural areas of Kuruman in the Northern Cape of South Africa, and she completed her matric in Mahikeng. Her first experience of radio happened to be when she saw an advert for a new community radio station in her area and applied, only to be introduced to the Children’s Radio Foundation and was then given the opportunity to mentor young reporters. She finds the role of lead facilitator enjoyable and fulfilling. When she auditioned something extraordinary happened and she just knew she belonged in radio. She didn’t realise this until she was given the platform to express her thoughts. She first thought she would be a psychologist or a motivational speaker.

How did you get involved with CRF?

“I started mentoring young reporters when CRF realised...

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“I know I’m a bit different than other kids. I’m not into fashionable things,” says Wilfried Yede, from Cote d’Ivoire.

Watch our new video produced in collaboration with our partners in Ivory Coast, UNICEF and the Scouts Association. This is a short video about 15 year old Wilfried Yede from the group ‘L’éveil des enfants’ (The awakening of children) in Abidjan, and his work as a young reporter.

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Last week we proudly launched our very first high school radio at the Centre of Science and Technology (COSAT) in Khayelitsha, with the Optimistic Youth Reporters as hosts of the debut broadcast. Once again, young people behind the microphone show us their enthusiasm and commitment in producing great radio!

The 30 minute show was a showcase of the talents of the Optimistic Youth Reporters who brainstormed the concept of the show – Teenage Pregnancy – and produced all the content for the show. The radio journey with the Optimistic Youth Reporters began two and a half years ago when we entered COSAT to support dialogue amongst the young people and amplify their expression and experience about life at school and the community that extends beyond the school gates.

Our engagement with the Optimistic Youth Reporters has thrown a spotlight on  the need for productive and active youth expression at high...

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On International Day of the Girl Child, the 12th of October, four of Zambia’s newly trained youth reporters from Pan African Radio and Power FM were invited to participate in a high-level dialogue with senior leaders from the local and reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health community. The discussion, timed to the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH) Board Meeting in Lusaka, focused on the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Global Strategy on Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health and what these new frameworks mean for Zambia and the region.

Also, the Agents of Change Foundation founders participated in a high level round-table discussion on the SDG’s. Below, is an article  by Samantha Spooner in Mail & Guardian Africa on this.

“A SLOWING Chinese economy, a slump in copper prices and electricity shortages are currently making things look bleak for...

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