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We use radio to amplify youth voices across Africa, giving them the skills and tools to speak about their lives


Inspiring Interview with HIV/AIDS and gay rights more.


LGBTI Exhibition creates safe space for more.


Brighton Kaoma from Zambia recognised as a Queens Young more.

Ahead of AIDS 2016, we hand over to some of our CRF interns to share their ideas and opinions on radio, and expectations of the global HIV/AIDS conference that they will be attending in Durban, South Africa from July 18 – 22.

I’m Yolanda Pityoi. I’m a bubbly, friendly, talkative and sometimes shy person. I use my voice to address or open conversations with young people to talk about some of the issues we face as youth. I like talking and listening to people, especially strangers, just to get a different perspective on things. I have this love for teens because they are so clever and honest.

As a young person growing up in a village where there was little access to health care services, I have always been disturbed by how we are so negligent about infectious diseases and viruses that we are exposed to. Now I live in Cape Town and have the opportunity to be involved in that sector, addressing issues...

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Our 16 young reporters from five African countries amplifying youth voices this July at the International AIDS Society Conference – AIDS 2016.

While new HIV infections have declined since 2000, adolescent HIV-related deaths have risen sharply, especially among 15- to 19-year-old males, calling for youth sensitive policies, approaches, and messaging  to better engage those youth who are most at risk.  Operating out of a pop up radio booth on site, our experienced reporters will  have the opportunity to interview leading scientists and policy makers from around the world, and along with other youth in attendance, will develop their own ‘call to action’ for adolescent HIV policy.  They will challenge delegates and experts to engage with them on HIV/AIDS related topics such as stigma, LGBTI issues, treatment and youth-friendly services, bringing a ‘hard talk’ youth angle to this important global...

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As we gear up to our exciting activities at the International AIDS 2016 Conference in Durban in July, we share this inspiring interview that one of our Young Reporters did with Justice Edwin Cameron, who is one of the main plenary speakers at the Conference.

Justice Cameron is a judge on the Constitutional Court of South Africa, and is a prominent figure in South African gay-rights and HIV/AIDS activism. He was hailed by Nelson Mandela as “one of South Africa’s new heroes”. Cameron was the first, and remains the only, senior South African official to state publicly that he is living with HIV/AIDS.

Gugu Sibanyoni from Alex FM led this interview with Justice Edwin Cameron so eloquently on the topic of being gay and living with HIV and how can we transform the health sector to be youth friendly.

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Our Future Positive project hosted an exhibition in partnership with the American Corners In the Cape on June 15th, ahead of Youth Day in South Africa. Youth perspectives and lively discussions came out of the crowd in response to the youth produced LGBTI stories, photographs and audio slideshows that were featured.

Our CRF reporters, “Leaders in Diversity” tackle issues around LGBTI youth in Cape Town. A team of twelve young reporters participated in a series of on-going training workshops and mentoring sessions over a six-month period at the American Corner, to build their capacity to use radio and audio slideshows as a tool of activism, advocacy, and social justice. The slideshows produced from this process bring out individual and community portraits of LGBTI youth, livelihoods, struggles, and strategies for success.

Young people packed out a room in the Central Library in Cape Town on June 15th to...

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Phindile Mthombeni currently works at a community radio station Emalahleni FM as a Production Assistant, stand-in presenter and a CRF Youth Mentor/Facilitator. This is her story of being part of the CRF team.

Location: Emalahleni, South Africa

I’m a 28 year old young woman born in the far East Rand of Johannesburg. I have one older sister. I was raised by my late grandparents in a very small town in Nigel until I completed my Matric while my mom was still studying. I later moved to Witbank in 2011 after completing my Diploma in Media Studies and Journalism.

How did you get involved with the CRF?

I was approached my Programmes Manager, Mr. Dumisani Matsimbi after Vendaboy, the previous mentor requested to be released from his duties due to his commitments. My name then came up seeing how I related to the youth, and that I would assist them whenever they needed any assistance. At first I was very...

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