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Children’s Radio Foundation are training mentors and young people in Cape Town to use radio as a tool to get young people talking about HIV/AIDS in their community.

Stigma has been identified as the most significant challenge for people living with HIV and AIDS, stopping many from accessing health services early.

A project entitled ‘Future Positive’ will train 12 facilitators to lead radio training workshops for 70 young people, increasing airtime allocated to discussions about HIV/AIDS by 200% and creating over 200 hours of relevant content directed at young people.

– See more at: http://www.commonwealthfoundation.com/grants/giving-voice-young-people-hiv-and-aids-south-africa#sthash.a59V6cLq.6DKRNMb5.dpuf

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It has been a philosophy and a living concept that shaped human relations across hundreds of years, but many people are beginning to question Ubuntu…asking, “What is it really? Is it alive today? We hear reflections from the youth on the streets of Cape Town, South Africa.

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The Children’s Radio Foundation have reported some exciting project developments that have occurred in 2014, including their work on World Aids Day.

The most successful of this years interventions have been the live monthly radio broadcasts at Nolungile Youth Clinic (Cape Town, South Africa). The youth-led events host candid talks from visiting speakers, and entertain with local artists who perform on the open mic. The event is held together by an open debate allowing the youth reporters to meaningfully engage visiting and clinic-using youth around the chosen topic. Some of the topics selected over the course of the project have included ‘Freedom in Health’, ‘Imagining Our Future: an HIV-free Africa’, and ‘Loving yourself: self-love as a way to prevent infection’. Due to an ongoing LGBTI focus within the radio broadcasts, the events also have created a sense of community for members of the local LGBTI community. The clinic has become ... Read More

Money… What do children think of this integral part of everyday human transactions? A grade four class at a primary school in Cape Town tackled a lesson about the national budget. They questioned government’s allocations and suggested other financial priorities. They also explain what they think their lives would be like if money did not exist.

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What has happened to the spirit of Ubuntu?

Bigger Than Life young reporters from Alexandra township in Gauteng, talk about what has happened to the spirit of Ubuntu in our communities. This is in light of the recent violent attacks aimed at foreign national shops in certain areas of Soweto township in the Gauteng province.

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