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LGBTI Exhibition shares Cape Town stories with the public

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Roland N’guessan is a bright young man living in Bouake, Ivory Coast. Watch his story to get a glimpse of how his involvement as a youth reporter gives him the confidence and greater world view than anything he learns at school.

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Youth Reporter Thato (right) interviewing his 'Boom Talk' team member Taetso

Thato Rachamose, 17 years old

Lebowakgomo, South Africa

South Africa Young Reporters Network site at Greater Lebowakgomo FM in Limpopo Province, their youth show is called ‘Boom Talk’

I was part of the first group of young people that were trained in 2011 to become youth reporters. Together we started ‘Boom Talk’, a radio show about youth issues that goes by the tagline, “By the youth, for the youth, it’s Boom Talk!” And is broadcast on the local community radio station GLFM every Saturday at 9 am.
Today as one of the oldest members, I am the main producer of the show and often one of the presenters.

On Saturdays, we get to the radio station just before our show, get on air at 9am and then after our show we immediately get into the preparation for the next show as we can’t loose any time.
First, we brainstorm social issues that can be of interest of for youth in our community, then...

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Youth Reporter, Monique Hanson (front right), 17 years old

Monique Hanson, 17 years old

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa Young Reporter’s Network site at Radio Atlantis, the youth radio show is called ‘Teen Express’

On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I go to Radio Atlantis when school gets out. My spirit lifts up, because I’m around all these great guys that come up with creative ideas that we can use to produce our show and broadcast them.

We arrive at the radio station at 3.00 and we plan and organise who will go where in the community. At 3.30 we go in partners to  different places in Atlantis  and ask people in the community what topics we should talk about on our radio show. In our community we have lots of problems that young people face, like drugs, violence, unemployment – so we usually get a  lot of suggestions! We have to get back to the station at 4.30 latest, when we’re all back we share what topics we found and choose...

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