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LGBTI Exhibition shares Cape Town stories with the public

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Young reporters from COSAT High School in Khayelitsha have been part of an exciting audio exchange with a group of young people in the Bronx in New York City,  who call themselves the Dreamsquad.

Dreamsquad is a group of young people who participate in after school art programmes at the organisation DreamYard, which is based in the Bronx, in New York, USA. Dreamsquad were trained in foundational radio techniques by CRF’s Linda Daniels ahead of the exchange.

Both groups of young people underwent a community mapping exercise where they identified major themes that were important and relevant to them and their communities. These issues between the groups are almost identical. Issues such as gender stereotypes, violence and peer pressure. The young people selected from the list of themes a topic and angle and then regularly produced 15 minutes broadcasts leaning heavily towards the local context. In addition the young people also...

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This year on World Radio Day we took to our social media channels and got everyone involved in sharing what radio means to them! ‘Radio is YOU!’ was the theme for 2017, and we asked our community to reflect on this and share themselves.

Here are some of the best quotes we received on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from our community of youth reporters across Africa.

“Radio is the best way of passing information and solving conflicts in the society”, says Catherine, a youth reporter from Mwanza, Tanzania.

“Radio is freedom of speech, justice and the voice of the people” Andile Msomi, regional facilitator in South Africa.

“Radio helps us children to amplify our voices and get connected with our peers, parents and leaders. Radio is development” – Bahati Rajabu, young reporter from Mwanza, Tanzania.

“Radio is a platform where people share experiences. Radio is LIFE,” shared Alex, a youth reporter in Mwanza, Tanzania.

“Radio protects...

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Mwanza youth reporters

Kicking off 2017, we launch a new project in Tanzania, with the support of the Von Clemm Trust, that will use the power of radio to raise awareness around the prevention, transmission and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) in children in Tanzania.

TB takes a heavy toll on the country’s youth, and the rest of the population, with approximately 170,000 cases and 58,000 deaths every year – even though drugs for treatment are readily available. The fight against TB isn’t a scientific or biological challenge, it’s an educational one.  Our goal is to reduce the impact of TB among young people in Tanzania, and this project, supported by the Von Clemm Trust, will train, support and mentor 15 young reporters to create regular radio programmes about the disease.

Working with our partner organisation in Tanzania, the Mwanza Youth and Children’s Network (MYCN) and along with the support of Operation Asha, we will address social issues...

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Emmanuel and Grace gather vox pops

For the full month of August the ‘Enfants Reporters’ (youth reporters) of Ivory Coast got together to focus on: more radio! With CRF’s experienced facilitator, Eva Gilliam leading the training in three different sites, the Cote d’Ivoire network is growing!

Over 60 youth, nearly a third new to the programme, met up to share their experiences, talk about success and challenges and take it to a new level. This is the third training for some of these youth, and their passion and skills were evident as they tackled some challenging topics, like the realities on the ground when it comes to obligatory education and children’s rights.

Ursule Koffi (18) from the project in Abidjan had these thoughts after the training: “At school, we were told that the child has the right to life, health, education. But I learned that there are other rights such as the right to information, the right to expression. I was surprised to learn, for example, the...

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The period around our annual Youth Radio Awards is always an exciting, busy time, as we prepare to welcome youth reporters from across South Africa to Cape Town! This year is no less as we get ready to welcome 40 reporters from the Young Reporters Network; the winners of the national Ubuntu Competition; our generous funders, the Templeton World Charity Foundation; and our CRF President and Chairperson.

The 2016 Youth Radio Awards is our fourth annual event, and once again, we will honour and celebrate the youth for the community stories around various social issues that they have captured and shared with their listeners. We’ll be honouring the Best Stories on Education, Xenophobia, Ubuntu,  Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, Gender among others. The young reporters have produced stories and radio formats on these and other issues through the lens of ‘ubuntu’, which has been a focus topic over the last two years.

This year...

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