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Naiha (second from left) with the CRF UK team: Emmanuelle, Charlotte and Sophia

 On the 2nd July, Young Reporter Naiha Masih, her parents, and the CRF UK team went to the House of Commons in London to attend the “Youth Achievement Awards” event. This inspirational celebration was organized by the Universal Peace Federation, to honour young people for their exceptional involvement in projects impacting the lives of people around them and beyond.

While collecting her Award, Naiha gave a very inspiring speech relating to her experience visiting CRF Projects in Tanzania earlier this year, how that impacted her on a personal level as a young person, and strengthened her dedication to working with CRF. Naiha is also a member of the Youth Parliament where she was elected in 2013.

There were nine other Youth from across the country who were awarded in recognition of their contributions to NGOs and their communities. The awards were given to the young people by the MPs from their home county who congratulated them individually for the inspiration they are giving us and other young people.

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