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The Youth Reporter family in Cote d’Ivoire is growing! This July, 20 new reporters from Odienne and San Pedro joined the Enfants Reporter project. They participated in a 5-day training in Daloa, ending with each site producing their very first 10 minute radio show, live!

You can listen to Odienne’s first ever recording of “La Voix des Enfants” where they address the topic of mother to child transmission of HIV. (In French). The youth from San Pedro’s first ever recording of “Enfants Dynamiques” addressed the use of treated mosquito nets.

Last year 40 youth from Abidjan, Bouake, Man and Bondoukou started the project, and have been producing radio shows ever since. This July they returned to the radio classroom to talk about how their shows are going – how life is now that they are reporting on issues in their community and interacting with new people and ideas on a daily basis. They also learned two new formats and brushed up on the old ones.

Back home now, the Enfants Reporters are already producing their new shows. So watch this space for more info!

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