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With a legacy donation from the Von Clemm Family Foundation, we recently started a project in Tanzania focusing on education around tuberculosis (TB). The project, based in Mwanza, kicked off its activities in February through our local partner, the Mwanza Youth and Children’s Network (MYCN).

Fifteen young reporters, all below 18 years, were trained in an intensive 3-day workshop on how to use radio as a tool to raise awareness on TB issues. During the training workshop, the youth had information sessions with TB experts from the Ministry of Health’s TB program based in Mwanza. The youth also visited three TB clinics within the Mwanza community to get a deeper sense of what TB testing and treatment entails, and to interact with and interview patients attending the clinics. These interviews formed part of the radio shows and public service announcements (PSAs) produced by the team of young reporters.

Operation Asha  shared their TB training manual with CRF for ideas on how to address TB issues. CRF has since developed a radio production guide on TB that speaks to the local situation in Mwanza to guide the youth in their ongoing production activities. We have produced an English and Swahili version, and shared it with our team of young reporters in Zanzibar.

The young reporters hosted the first outreach activity on World TB Day (24th March) with over 500 students from 3 different secondary schools attending. At the event young reporters shared their radio shows and presented an interactive skit, busting myths and misinformation around TB in the community in order to educate and encourage testing. TB doctors from the Ministry of Health attended the event. They set up an information booth on site with TB pamphlets and posters and provided free screening open to all.

The young reporters now broadcast weekly TB shows on four partner media stations in Mwanza (Afya Radio, Metro FM, Radio Free Africa and Barmedas TV). The young reporters will also continue hosting outreach activities in different schools to raise awareness and encourage testing.

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