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President's Letter

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Dear Friends,

To amplify the voices of children is to brighten the scope of their future.

At the core of Children's Radio Foundation remains the understanding that in giving young people the tools and skills to express their ideas and share their experiences, you provide a springboard to a world of broader opportunities. Amidst today’s immense global challenges, including health concerns, poor education infrastructure, and rapid population growth, adults see the issues. Children see the possibilities. Radio, the most accessible and impactful technology in many African communities, is the instrument for young voices to share concerns and communicate possibilities. By training young people to operate radio technology, engage in critical thinking, and support their ability to create new dialogues, CRF is developing a new generation of leaders to meet these challenges.

Since our founding in 2006, CRF has created a network across Africa, training over 1300 youth reporters broadcasting programs on local and national radio stations and via social media. In the last year, we have developed relationships with community organizations and Médecins Sans Frontières mobilizing a project called Future Positive, which aims to foster a dialogue and share information in the community about HIV and AIDS . Coinciding with South Africa's National Youth Day, CRF hosted the first ever Youth Radio Awards ceremony in Cape Town to celebrate local reporter's high quality radio broadcasting. CRF is now extending support to organizations that recognize the importance of local youth radio projects and want to integrate CRF training models into their grassroots programs. Creating positive change in communities emanates from the voices of local young people. I am continually humbled and honored to witness the intelligence, dignity, and ingenuity of the young people in CRF projects, bravely shaping their own futures. Children’s Radio Foundation is proud to reflect and share the incredible work of our young reporters and staff in our 2013 Annual Report.

Elizabeth Sachs