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Youth Reporter Thato (right) interviewing his 'Boom Talk' team member Taetso

Thato Rachamose, 17 years old

Lebowakgomo, South Africa

South Africa Young Reporters Network site at Greater Lebowakgomo FM in Limpopo Province, their youth show is called ‘Boom Talk’

I was part of the first group of young people that were trained in 2011 to become youth reporters. Together we started ‘Boom Talk’, a radio show about youth issues that goes by the tagline, “By the youth, for the youth, it’s Boom Talk!” And is broadcast on the local community radio station GLFM every Saturday at 9 am.
Today as one of the oldest members, I am the main producer of the show and often one of the presenters.

On Saturdays, we get to the radio station just before our show, get on air at 9am and then after our show we immediately get into the preparation for the next show as we can’t loose any time.
First, we brainstorm social issues that can be of interest of for youth in our community, then settle on a topic and angle and decide who is going to do what. It’s tiring to do it this way, but during the week, it is very hectic with school, so we have to manage our time efficiently.
At the beginning of 2013, most of the 15 original members of the group had dropped out for various reasons, mostly to do with their difficulty to balance the show and school work. The numbers kept going down and down, until I ended up being the last one standing. I had to endure all the stress doing all the roles by myself for nearly a month. My week was terrible then! I would wake up on the Monday morning and be so stressed out, feeling like I would never manage to do everything on my own, the production and the presentation. The pressure was intense and the quality of the show suffered.
But now, we are 23 members! Divided into two teams that take turns. It’s awesome! I am so glad that what I have been so strong and to have been able to see ‘Boom Talk’ blossom into something I didn’t picture at first.

Once school is over, around 2pm, we go into the community to record the different formats, like a profile, vox pops or a commentary, for the show with the audio field recorders. We always go in team of two to four.

We meet up after school and put all content together and see what is missing, and if something is missing we will make a deadline for Friday. If it’s not submitted by Friday, there’s going to be trouble.

On a friday only the presenters and producer meet to check out the final script, then we practice, rehearsing the script over and over again.

Everything is in place and we just have to focus on the show! At 9 am we go live on air!

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