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Youth report on rights of indigenous groups.

Start of CRF's project in DRC

In August, CRF launched a pilot programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo in partnership with Radio France Internationales Planete Radio.

The training took place in Mbandaka in the remote Northwest Region of the country, on the bank of the Congo River, home to indigenous pygmee group called the Batwa. The team trained the staff from three local radio stations previously identified by the RFI team, with eight station representatives attending the training. The local organization Dynamique des Groupes des Peuples Autochtones works to promote the rights of the local indigenous people, and works closely with the radio stations on the initiative. During the second week, 11 young reporters identified by the radio stations, aged from 13 to 16 were trained to produce their own radio shows. CRF and RFI Planète Radio are currently working towards developing a fully-fledged Young Reporters Network in DRC .

Where CRF works

Prior to our work in 2013, CRF partnered with UNICEF DRC to conduct youth radio training workshops in Kinshasa, and assess the landscape for the youth radio training and broadcasting in DRC.

CRF trained and provided on-going support to nine adult mentors and 40 youth broadcasters, including 15 youth living on the streets.


Working in partnership with UNICEF Liberia, CRF has trained radio station mentors at 29 radio stations across the country, assisting them to get youth-led radio programming running in their communities.


CRF has seven partner stations, with more than 3 million total listeners. Working with community organizations that address the needs of street kids, HIV positive youth, and child rights, the Young Reporters Network in Tanzania is fast becoming the primary platform for youth issues in Tanzania.

South Africa

As CRF’s most comprehensive program, our Young Reporters Network has 180 youth at 12 radio stations broadcasting weekly shows for their peers in 8 languages.


CRF working with UNICEF Zambia has set up a Young Reporters Network in partnership with 9 projects across the country.