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Twins Avuyile and Agcobile were ‘Breaking New Grounds’ youth reporters at Forte FM in Alice, a rural town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. They have since graduated out of our programme as they are currently in their final year of school. Their mother Nosipho shares her views about the involvement of her children with the Children’s Radio Foundation.

Name of parent: Nosipho Msutwana

Location: Eastern Cape, Alice.

Name of children: Twins Avuyile and Agcobile Msutwana

Age: 17 years old

How did you come to enroll your children in the CRF program? I wanted them to be busy when they were out of the school environment. I did not know that radio would influence them so much that they would become so well informed.

How long have your children been a part of the program? They enrolled at different times, one started in December 2015 and the other January 2016.

What difference do you think the program has made in your child’s life? How...

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Zama Chamane (Mother)


Durban, South Africa


Mxolisi Chamane


South African Youth Reporters Network site at Vibe FM, the youth radio show is called ‘Vibrant Youth’.

How did you come to enroll your child in the CRF program?

Mxolisi was introduced to CRF by Sboniso Dlamuka (former youth reporter). He used to invite Mxolisi for live debates on occasional Fridays. Bonga, the Youth Facilitator noticed Mxolisi and invited him to a workshop, lead by CRF members, to join as a youth reporter. From there he never looked back. I think it was late 2014.

What difference do you think the program has made in your child’s life? How have you seen him grow?

It has made a huge difference in his life because he used to be shy. He was never comfortable talking in front of people but now he is no longer afraid. He speaks with confidence. He shows confidence on air and speaks freely. Even at school his...

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Rightness from Tanzania: Most Significant Change story 2016 from Children's Radio Foundation on Vimeo.

Rightness is a 16-year old young woman from Mwanza, Tanzania. She shares her story of how being a young reporter has had an impact on her life in her school and community.

Her teacher, Mr. Kapinga also explains the transformation of Rightness since she started with the Young Reporters Network in Tanzania. Watch the video to hear the interview that was conducted in February 2016.



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Youth Reporter, Brighton Kaoma, 19 years old

Mercy Kaoma (Sister)

Kitwe, Zambia

Brighton Kaoma, 19 years old

Zambia Young Reporters Network site at Radio Icengelo and Flava FM, the youth radio show is called ‘Nkana Green Blingers’

How did you come to enroll your brother in the CRF program?
Brighton started when he was still at school, I think he was in grade 10. When he went to high school he got interested in two environmental issues, that’s when he joined the Children’s Radio Foundation.

What difference do you think the program has made in your brother’s life? How have you seen him grow?
He has really changed… When you look at his behaviour, he has changed his attitude, he is able to interact with people. Back then he wasn’t able to do that, but now he finds it very easy to interact with people. He can now educate people, it is nice, he has really changed.
I think it [Children’s Radio Foundation] has really helped him...

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