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Nina, Assistant Director of CRF

Nina Callaghan

Cape Town

Nina is the Assistant Director at CRF administering the SA board, local partnerships, is a youth media trainer and producer for CRF’s weekly radio show, The Radio Workshop. Before joining CRF she spent eight years as a television journalist and sub-editor. She completed a Higher Diploma in Library and Information Science working as a children’s librarian and went on to devise and perform theatre locally and in the UK.

What is your background and how did you get involved with CRF?
I have a background in children’s library services, physical theatre and television journalism. It’s a mixed bag of different skills that really comes together so well working at CRF – that combination of youth development, storytelling and broadcast. When I was a children’s librarian at a community library I learned what children’s needs were, how best to respond to them that had the most impact. When I heard about...

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