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We are excited to announce the results of our call for proposal to improve youth participation on community radio stations in Liberia. And the winners are: Radio Gbarnga in Bong county, Voice of Rural Montserrado in Montserrado county and Peace FM in Margibi county.

These three winning radio stations gave the strongest practical ideas on how to increase and sustain active youth participation and to strengthen the radio station itself, in order to continue to provide a sound broadcast platform where young people can add their voices to crucial conversations that address issues affecting them, such as Ebola.

Shirk Sonii, CRF’s country coordinator reports on his visit to one of the stations: “Radio Gbarnga has a very huge listening audience in central Liberia, compared to other stations in the region. An audience map developed for the station… suggests the station has more than six hundred thousand listeners. Our partnership with them might make real impact due to its strategic nature.”

Each station will receive a small grant, with funding that was raised through our UK office, which they will channel towards technical equipment, strengthening station operations and adding value to the ongoing  youth led broadcasting activities. The idea is to groom these radio stations into best practice community radio hubs in Liberia.

Although the World Health organization recently gave Liberia a clean bill of health on Ebola, it remains crucial for conversations around the topic to continue in order  to address and help  communities cope with long lasting issues such as the stigma and socio-economic after-effects of the crisis, especially on children and young people in the country. And CRF wants to help the dialogue to unfold. More soon!




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