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Exciting updates from one of our projects in the DRC: Jeunialissime, an LGBTI rights organisation in Kinshasa that facilitates open discussion on sexual orientation and gender expression through a radio show, is now live on air. Originally a podcast, the show has extended its reach to FM radio.

Since October 2016, the weekly program has a wider listener base now that it also broadcasts on radio RTVS1, one of the biggest commercial radio stations in Kinshasa. In 2014, Patou Izai felt the need to open the debate on LGBTI issues to the public in Kinshasa. Along with his team, they began producing ‘Jeuniafrica’ which started online broadcasting every week via Soundcloud, with positive feedback from the community. This video we produced with Makhulu Productions tells Patou’s story. “We are working to change the perceptions that people have of LGBTI people and promote human rights, with the ultimate goal of having a more tolerant society”.

Once Jeunialissime received our support to improve the quality of their broadcasts, through journalism training, program structuring, and improving the sound quality with new equipment, Patou felt that the entire show was ready to take off. “This program has the advantage of breaking down the myths around LGBTI issues, to promote human rights. This is important because LGBTI or not, people are often unaware of their rights. They know the phrase ‘human rights’ but they do not know what it contains and sometimes do not feel concerned by this. The program teaches this simply with examples that help to contextualize everything”.

Patou says “We are very happy, because [online] social networks are not used by the entire population. Many people in Kinshasa are not yet comfortable with this technology. But radio is everywhere – when traveling by car, in a taxi, at home, in some waiting rooms. With FM, we directly reach Kinshasa’s entire population”. This recent article in the Mail & Guardian tells the story of ‘Jeuniafrica’ and another radio show in Mozambique that helps educate listeners about issues affecting the LGBTI community in that country.

The Children’s Radio Foundation is excited to witness the growth of this project!



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