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We use radio to amplify youth voices across Africa, giving them the skills and tools to speak about their lives

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Linking Generations Through Radio – is an open access handbook, which is inspired by children and youth who make up one-third of the world’s population. Many young people listen to radio but the chances of them being invited to produce interviews and programs, and express their opinions is very low.

Radio reaches over 95 per cent of people worldwide and several radio stations in Africa have more than a million listeners each! Children and young people make up an important percentage of this audience. But young people’s voices are still not heard in a consistent and recognized way. This radio toolkit provides examples to allow free exchange of ideas between girls and boys and increase awareness of radio producers and managers about ethical and legal requirements particularly when working with minors. It may serve as a routine training or programming handbook in radio stations, a reference and resource for young people, and an advocacy tool to inform policy makers as well as the general public.

The radio toolkit was produced in partnership with UNESCO and you can download it in their website as well as ours.

Happy reading – and producing radio shows with children and youth!

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