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The Optimistic Youth Reporters caught the storytelling bug with the Nal’ibali nationwide storytelling competition last Friday at the Harare public library in Khayelitsha, South Africa. The competition was launched  to find South Africa’s first ‘Story Bosso’.

According to Nal’ibali, the competition is aimed at reawakening a love of storytelling and reading among South Africans of all ages, the competition will connect the public to ideas and inspiration on how to tell stories and read aloud to others; showcase a range of local stories (in all South African languages), as well as identify undiscovered storytellers in communities across the country. People of all ages – children, parents, caregivers, teachers, librarians – are invited to enter the competition.

Some youth reporters tried their hand at impromptu storytelling and recorded stories for the competition; the latter which will run for the month of September. The Optimistic Youth Reporters then turned the recorders to fellow visitors of the library asking them their thoughts on reading and stories.

Listen to Smangele Mathebula from Nal’ibali speaking about the importance of reading and explaining the competition here.

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