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What kind of public service announcement (PSA) would young people make if they had the chance? We gave some young people an opportunity to do this, from generating an idea, to creating a script, to finally recording in studio, and the results are powerful!

Our young reporters from the Centre for Science and Technology (COSAT) went through the process of producing a PSA, and recently completed the recording in Cape Town. After an orientation session where the youth were briefed on target audiences, and watched and listened to inspirational print and video PSA’s, they brainstormed and sketched out some ideas.

The exciting part was going into a studio to record their scripts in isiXhosa and English. Tim Pringle at Origin Audio worked with the youth to record the PSA , and he involved the youth in all the creativity. He went as far as projecting his work on a larger screen talking the youth through each process of editing the sound, and getting their input in all decision making. He was also of great assistance in directing the voices. Besides the voice of the mother, who was a professional voice artist, and the tagline, all the voices are from the COSAT youth who are inexperienced in performance and voice work, but he guided them throughout the recording. These PSA’s on ‘making the invisible visible’ will eventually be produced in the other nine official South African languages.

Our Radio Workshop show that broadcasts on SAFM every week, featured the English version of the PSA and some reflections from the youth. Listen to that show here.

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