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The 11 trained youth reporters in Mbandaka, DRC

This photo marks the end of the youth training in Mbandaka, the capital of the Equateur province, located in the North West of the Democratic Republic of Congo, on the banks of the Congo River. 

We were really excited about this trip to  the DRC, as it was our first visit after nearly two years after the last training. It also marks the start of our partnership with RFI Planete Radio an NGO created by Radio France Internationale to support community radio stations in developing countries.

We first trained staff from three local community stations and two NGOs that work to promote the rights of the local indigenous people, the Batois Pygmees.

During the second week, 11 youth reporters, amongst them three Batois youth, were trained to produce their own radio shows. For their first show, they decided to focus on the discrimination of Batois children in schools.

We hope to be back in Mbandaka soon, our second trip will focus on empowering the radio stations further and help amplyfy the voice of youth in Mbandaka and beyond.


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