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For the full month of August the ‘Enfants Reporters’ (youth reporters) of Ivory Coast got together to focus on: more radio! With CRF’s experienced facilitator, Eva Gilliam leading the training in three different sites, the Cote d’Ivoire network is growing!

Over 60 youth, nearly a third new to the programme, met up to share their experiences, talk about success and challenges and take it to a new level. This is the third training for some of these youth, and their passion and skills were evident as they tackled some challenging topics, like the realities on the ground when it comes to obligatory education and children’s rights.

Ursule Koffi (18) from the project in Abidjan had these thoughts after the training: “At school, we were told that the child has the right to life, health, education. But I learned that there are other rights such as the right to information, the right to expression. I was surprised to learn, for example, the child has the right to know it’s culture. I knew nothing of that. It allowed me to know that we are taken care of. The government, the United Nations, they are interested in children. They want to give voice to children and they want to know exactly what we think and want to participate in our growth.”

15 year old Guy-Marius Ziza from San Pedro shares his experience of being involved in the project: “At first my parents were not listening to the radio, but since I’m in the project, they bought a small radio. Even if it’s not me who is on air, they are connected. Before they could be ignorant of certain facts on children’s rights, education for all etc. Listening to the radio allows them to learn and also to respect children and their various rights”.

As 2016 comes to a close, a new phase of the Enfants Reporters project will kick off. 2017-2020 will see four new sites opening in new areas of the country, growing the network to include 40 new youth involved directly, and tens of thousands through the airwaves.

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