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Slender and facilitator "Baby Gal" receiving their 2013 Best Site Award

The second edition of the South Africa Youth Radio Awards is just round the corner. Exciting times! On the 15th of June, five awards will be handed over to celebrate the inspirational work of our Young Reporters and our partner Community Radio Stations across South Africa.

To conclude our series about last year’s winners, Busisiwe A.K.A “DJ Slender”, from Moutse shares how her group has been spending the prize money that came with their award for Best Site and how they feel only a few weeks before D-Day. 

Slender still laughs about her joke when she explain what happened : ” When I got back from Cape Town, I first told my team mates that we didn’t win anything, and then I silently pulled the trophy from behind my back. I thought they were going to kill me!!!”

The energetic 18 year-old explains how winning the Award boosted the moral of the group: “It gave us energy and enthusiasm. It really picked us up and lifted us!”

The Best Site Award came with a cash price of R10 000 to be used for community activities and outreach events. The Moutse team was determined to make it go a long way through the organization of a series of events. The first one was a party for their parents “to thank them for their on-going support”. Talking to girls in the community, they also realized that lots of them didn’t go to school during their period because they couldn’t afford sanitary towels. The Moutse crew then decided to organize a distribution campaign in five schools across the community, followed by a debate with “interested girls…and boys!” After recording a show on pollution and waste disposal, they finally decided to organize a clean-up campaign in the community that they are still planning out.

In the meantime, they have been working really hard to submit quality recordings for this year’s Awards : “We make sure that every recording we get is a good one. There is pressure now, because everybody wants to win, but it’s good pressure!”

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