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Ellie and Naiha from Oxford and Liberia from Moshi discover that they have the same shoes.

During their visit to Tanzania, the Oxford CRF radio youth reporters met with some members of the Mkombozi Youth Radio Network based in Moshi.
Their main objective for the day was understand what it is like to walk in one another’s shoes. They swopped stories on their programs, experiences with radio journalism and life stories. 

Mkombozi is an organisation that supports children and youth living on the streets which is part of Youth Radio Network Tanzania since 2011, with youth creating and broadcasting weekly radio programs. Whilst at Mkombozi the youth reporters from Oxford and the most recent members of the Youth Radio Network exchanged stories and spoke about their dreams, ambitions and talked about where they would like to travel to or live in the future. For CRF UK youth reporter Ellie: “It was an invaluable experience for all, giving both the opportunity to meet with a group of people from a  foreign culture and place, but united by their passion for radio journalism” .

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