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Youth Reporter, Brighton Kaoma, 19 years old

Mercy Kaoma (Sister)

Kitwe, Zambia

Brighton Kaoma, 19 years old

Zambia Young Reporters Network site at Radio Icengelo and Flava FM, the youth radio show is called ‘Nkana Green Blingers’

How did you come to enroll your brother in the CRF program?
Brighton started when he was still at school, I think he was in grade 10. When he went to high school he got interested in two environmental issues, that’s when he joined the Children’s Radio Foundation.

What difference do you think the program has made in your brother’s life? How have you seen him grow?
He has really changed… When you look at his behaviour, he has changed his attitude, he is able to interact with people. Back then he wasn’t able to do that, but now he finds it very easy to interact with people. He can now educate people, it is nice, he has really changed.
I think it [Children’s Radio Foundation] has really helped him and it will open up opportunities for him. I can  see a bright future for him because he is able to talk to influential people. I think he will excel. One time I saw him talking to the community, teaching them how to promote hand washing using this simple technique, The Tippy Tap. He was teaching them on how to make it, it’s very simple, they can just get the local materials, use it, and then they can promote hygiene. From our background, it is of a low class, so when it comes to issues of hygiene people do not have much knowledge about it.
For him since he has that privilege to learn and teach those people I’m very happy for him because I think the attitude of the community is going to change from where we come from.

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