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We hosted our annual holiday program in Manenberg with a dedicated team of youth reporters six to 16 years of age.

During the three-day workshop the group created a series of self portraits in various media, reflecting on the defining moments of 2013. Selecting a word of positive affirmation as a launchpad (‘inspired me,’ ‘confident me,’ ‘resilient me’), each of the participants created a dreamscape collage incorporating the people and places that hold significance in their lives. With glitter, feathers, paint, and photographs, they imagined their future selves. Along with a surprise origami lesson from Kyoko Morgan founder of Origami For Africa, the self portrait series provided perspective and an opportunity to imagine and reflect.

A big thank you to everyone at the Druiwevlei Community Centre in Manenberg and all who made this such a memorable experience. We look forward to new projects together in 2014!

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