GRADUATE PROFILE: Sisipho Thomas from Forte FM, South Africa | Children's Radio Foundation

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Location: Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa

What is your background?

I am 20 years old, and my family of four consists of my mother, brother and stepdad. But now I am living with my grandmother. I am a strong-minded young man who does not conform to society’s expectations and who does not let past experience block my view for greater things in future. I passed my Matric in 2016 at Jabavu Senior Secondary School.

How did you get involved with CRF?

A mini meeting was held at one of our local NGOs, Isibindi, and I was one of those young people who were selected, after being tested for my speech skills, and delivering my knowledge about radio.

How was the experience?

My experience with the program was life changing.  Literally from a young boy, who then blossomed into a confident man in a space of a year. I learnt new things in each and every topic we covered and radio show we produced. And the technical things of course, for example producing, research, voice projection etc. I am now a different being than what I was when I started out.

What was the best part of training?

The best part for me was gaining a new skill, a skill that will forever be mine. Learning and understanding people’s behavior and being tolerant towards them, and being able to learn some things about me too.

What was the highlights of your time?

The highlight for me was being known in the community for doing something positive for the youth at large, and for them to want to take part and be part of the programme so that they can be able to change other youth minds or ways of doing things.

What difference do you think the program has made?

I think it has given the active youth of Alice a voice and a platform to express themselves. It has offered a space of calmness, and given confidence to those who need it.

Where do you see yourself in the next decade?

I hopefully see myself as a billionaire through media and broadcast! CRF has granted me a skill, a skill that won’t be taken away from me. And if everything goes well I will take part in more youth uplifting programs that the Children’s Radio Foundation offers.

Word Power

“Take time because much may be gained through patience”



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