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The Learning Room is an online platform that places the work of Children’s Radio Foundation in dialogue with youth, educators, other organizations and experts in order to interact, exchange methods, and participate in building a global network. We invite you to look, see, hear and read about the tools we use in our youth-centered programs.


Publications relating to our radio projects in Africa and similar topics
  • Handbook title: Gender Health and Justice Research Unit Schools Project

    66 Classroom classroom activities designed to support teachers to deal with ‘taboo topics’ like gender, gender and power, sex and sexual health, teen dating, domestic violence, sexual offences, gender and popular culture.

  • Caregiver Social Support on Adolescent Psychological Outcomes in AIDS-Affected Communities

    This analysis examines the relationship between caregiver social support and adolescent psychosocial outcomes in HIV-endemic resource-scarce Southern African communities.

  • Unravelling The Contexts of Stigma

    Catherine Campbell of the London School of Economics seeks to further our understanding of the practices through which stigma is perpetuated, produced, and reproduced. She argues that social and community psychology is central to informing interventions to reduce stigma.

  • Youth Pulse: A Study with HIV Positive Adolescents

    What are the lived experiences of HIV+ adolescents accessing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and antiretroviral treatment (ART)? Read about Youth Pulse, a study with a cohort of 850+ HIV-positive adolescents, that aims to promote ART adherence and SRH service access among HIV+ adolescents.

  • What's so different for women?

    Stigma and discrimination are challenges for everyone with HIV, but women in particular can also face these issues.

  • HIV & AIDS Stigma and Discrimination

    HIV-related stigma and discrimination refers to prejudice, negative attitudes and abuse directed at people living with HIV and AIDS.