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The Learning Room is an online platform that places the work of Children’s Radio Foundation in dialogue with youth, educators, other organizations and experts in order to interact, exchange methods, and participate in building a global network. We invite you to look, see, hear and read about the tools we use in our youth-centered programs.


  • Young, Gay and Proud

    Source: Vimeo (The Children’s Radio Foundation)

    24 Year old Future Positive youth reporter, Siphelo Tototo from Sandrift, Khayelitsha shares the highs and lows of living in South Africa as a young gay man in 2014.

  • Video title: Me, Myself and HIV

    Source: YouTube (Staying Alive Campaign)

    Part of the MTV “Staying Alive” Campaign, Me, Myself & HIV follows the lives of two twenty-somethings – Slim; an aspiring DJ and music producer from Zambia, and Angelikah; a college student from the USA – both living with HIV.

  • Video Title: Faces of HIV

    Source: YouTube (We Make The Change)

    Through captivating portraits, insightful interviews and poignant journal writing, the Faces of HIV campaign (We Make the Change) examines the effects of stigmas, the personal relationships and care issues associated with being HIV-positive.


  • Women in Power

    Source: Vimeo (Children’s Radio Foundation)

    ‘Women in Power’ is a group of young women living in Khayelitsha. They use radio and creativity to explore what it means to be women living in their power and becoming leaders in their community. In this session they spent time envisioning their futures. What would their hopes, strengths, challenges and guides in this envisioned self look like? How would they be expressing themselves as powerful women? We invited the ladies to use creative expression through colour, texture, images and sound to answer these questions. The result – audio/visual sound boards, each displaying the unique character of the woman behind it

  • Future Positive: Keeping Nolungile Clinic Youthful

    Source: Vimeo (The Children’s Radio Foundation)

    What does it take to keep a young person in treatment and looking after their health? Children’s Radio Foundation (CRF) intern, Yolanda Pityoi is a host at Nolungile Youth Clinic where a live radio booth keeps things vibrant and fun. This video follows her at an outreach event in 2015 that brings together local artists, youth and other community based organisations in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. The monthly event forms part of CRF’s Future Positive project which uses radio training and broadcast to foster dialogue amongst youth and within the wider community about experiences of HIV/AIDS by training facilitators and youth at clinics and community centres to use radio as a tool for peer to peer dialogue and exchange.

  • Video title: HIV, stigma, and discrimination: LGBT life in Kenya

    Source: Vimeo (Staying Alive Campaign)

    Lily, a brave transgender woman, talks about starting the grassroots organization Men Against AIDS which provides peer education sessions and uses radio as a tool to provide people in Kenya with information on HIV and AIDS.

  • Radio Atlantis Young Reporters

    Source: Vimeo

    This is the story about the inspiring radio work of the young reporters from Radio Atlantis in the Western Cape, South Africa. These youth are part of the Young Reporters Network (YRN), a project of the Children’s Radio Foundation, UNICEF, and the South African Department of Basic Education.

  • Rebaone Selebalo from Kuruman, South Africa

    Source: Vimeo (The Children’s Radio Foundation)

    Rebaone is 16 years old, from Kuruman, Northern Cape, South Africa. She is a young reporter for the Children’s Radio Foundation, working with community radio station Kurara FM. This is a snapshot profile of her involvement with the project.


  • 2015 Youth Radio Awards and Ubuntu Lab

    Source: Vimeo  – Children’s Radio Foundation

    See all the action from the 2015 Ubuntu Lab and Youth Radio Awards. The Ubuntu Lab is a mini-conference which brought youth from across South Africa together to share and discuss the philosophy of ubuntu – including acts of giving, sharing and compassion. The same youth reporters were celebrated in the Youth Radio Awards, with winners in categories like Best Youth Reporters, Best Ubuntu Show and Best Community Activity.

  • Beatrice: youth reporter & climate change activist from Zambia

    Source: Vimeo – Children’s Radio Foundation

    Beatrice is an 18-year-old young reporter with the Children’s Radio Foundation (CRF) in Lusaka, Zambia. She is part of the Unite4Climate Radio Initiative, a project which uses the power of radio to challenge mindsets and shift attitudes around environmental attitudes.

  • Roland’s radio broadcasts elevate community dialogue in Ivory Coast

    Source: Vimeo (Children’s Radio Foundation)

    Meet Roland, 18-year-old youth radio reporter from Bouaké, Ivory Coast. Roland shares his work as a Children’s Radio Foundation youth reporter and the impact the project has on his life.

  • Cleopas from Zambia journeys to the 2016 AIDS Conference

    Source: Vimeo (Children’s Radio Foundation)

    In July 2016, Cleopas Chisanga Kapembwa, a young man from Kitwe, Zambia took a trip to the International AIDS Conference, in South Africa, with other youth reporters from different African countries, to share his story and speak back to the decision-makers. This is his story of this journey, and the impact it has on his life and work as an AIDS activist.

  • Bringing out the voices of LGBTI youth in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

    Source: Vimeo (Children’s Radio Foundation)

    Patou Izai is an LGBTI activist in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In 2011, Patou told his family that he was gay. It was difficult for him to do, and caused difficulties in his relationship with his family. He knew so many young people in DRC who had similar struggles, and who wanted to help. This led him to establish Jeunialissime, a LGBTI advocacy group in DRC. Patou and his group members use the power of radio to get LGBTI youth in DRC speaking about their lives and their concerns, and to chip away at stigma and discrimination in society at large.

  • Amplifying youth voices in Khayelitsha

    Source: Vimeo (Children’s Radio Foundation)

    The Children’s Radio Foundation (CRF) has successfully installed an on-site radio booth at the Centre for Science and Technology (COSAT) high school in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. The young COSAT reporters broadcast weekly radio programming addressing health and well-being, education, politics, and culture to create youth-driven dialogue around important issues affecting them and the larger community.

    Video produced by © CRF 2015 and MAKHULU.
    Cover photo courtesy of Lufefe Figlan

  • Youth radio broadcasters build safer communities across South Africa

    Source: Vimeo (Children’s Radio Foundation)

    Young reporters at Alex FM in Alexandra are working to build safer communities by speaking out against gun violence. They not only spread information about the issue but also share their personal experiences in order to engage the community in productive dialogue about the effects of gun violence.

    In partnership with Gun Free South Africa and the European Union, young people are creating the future they want for themselves and their communities.

    Produced by the Children’s Radio Foundation and Makhulu, in partnership with Alex FM.

  • Event: Valentine’s Day Celebration: Self Love
    Activity: Friday Outreach event at Nolungile Youth Clinic
    Year: 2014

    Future Positive Youth Reporters discuss self love in all its forms.


  • Event: Training workshop 6 March
    Activity: Youth Hustle Thursday workshop at Nolungile Youth Clinic
    Year: 2014

    Youth Hustle recap their technical skills before recording a show. Photographer: ©SydelleWillowSmith

  • Event: Outreach at Nolungile Youth Clinic
    Activity: Youth Hustle Reporters
    Year: 2014

    Gallery title: Freedom day outreach event

    In celebration of Freedom day the Future Positive reporters explore freedom in health care in South Africa. Youth Huslte reporters transform the space at Nolungile Youth Clinic, Site C, Khayelitsha by engaging their peers and in dialogue and debate.

  • Event: Weekly training session at Nolungile Youth Clinic, Site C, Khayelitsha
    Activity: Women in Power Friday session at Nolungile Youth Clinic
    Year: 22 May 2015

    ‘Women in Power’ is a group of young women from Khayelitsha. They come together once a week to explore what it means to be a women living in her power and leading her community. In this session WIP spent time envisioning their futures. What would their strengths, challenges, hopes, dreams and guides in this envisioned future self look like? How would they be expressing themselves as powerful women? We invited the ladies to imagine this future using creative expression to illustrate their ideas through colour, texture, images and sound. The result – audio/visual sound boards, each one displaying the unique character of the woman behind it.