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The Learning Room is an online platform that places the work of Children’s Radio Foundation in dialogue with youth, educators, other organizations and experts in order to interact, exchange methods, and participate in building a global network. We invite you to look, see, hear and read about the tools we use in our youth-centered programs.


  • Event: Weekly training session at Nolungile Youth Clinic, Site C, Khayelitsha
    Activity: Women in Power Friday session at Nolungile Youth Clinic
    Year: 22 May 2015

    ‘Women in Power’ is a group of young women from Khayelitsha. They come together once a week to explore what it means to be a women living in her power and leading her community. In this session WIP spent time envisioning their futures. What would their strengths, challenges, hopes, dreams and guides in this envisioned future self look like? How would they be expressing themselves as powerful women? We invited the ladies to imagine this future using creative expression to illustrate their ideas through colour, texture, images and sound. The result – audio/visual sound boards, each one displaying the unique character of the woman behind it.

  • Event: Outreach at Nolungile Youth Clinic
    Activity: Youth Hustle Reporters
    Year: 2014

    Gallery title: Freedom day outreach event

    In celebration of Freedom day the Future Positive reporters explore freedom in health care in South Africa. Youth Huslte reporters transform the space at Nolungile Youth Clinic, Site C, Khayelitsha by engaging their peers and in dialogue and debate.

  • Event: Training workshop 6 March
    Activity: Youth Hustle Thursday workshop at Nolungile Youth Clinic
    Year: 2014

    Youth Hustle recap their technical skills before recording a show. Photographer: ©SydelleWillowSmith

  • Event: Valentine’s Day Celebration: Self Love
    Activity: Friday Outreach event at Nolungile Youth Clinic
    Year: 2014

    Future Positive Youth Reporters discuss self love in all its forms.