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International Women's Day

This year, we encouraged young people to see Valentines Day through a different lens.

A global awareness campaign called “One Billion Rising” used the day of love and romance to protest sexual violence against women and children through dance and activism on the street. Ten girls from our Ons Plek project in Cape Town,  South Africa turned up the volume on the campaign theme song “Break the Chains” and danced to say no to rape and sexual violence against women and children. Ons Plek is the only residential child and youth care center for female street children in Cape Town. Starting in 2013, CRF has been training girls to use radio as a tool for dialogue and change.

women’s equality

At our 72 youth radio projects across five countries in Africa,
more than half of the young reporters are girls.

Our reporters make sure to not only give girls equal space to
air their opinions, but also to grapple with some of the most
pressing issues facing young women.

From teenage pregnancy to gender-based violence to access to education, we make sure to bring young men into the conversation, and to use their reporting experiences to reconsider some of their own views.

In collaboration with the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and UNICEF South Africa, CRF is part of the Safer South Africa program, a coalition of partners
working across the country to tackle gender-based violence at the community level. Our dynamic youth radio dialogues on
gender-based violence were broadcast on radio stations across the country, and earned CRF a A+++ rating from DFID.