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Working with UNICEF, CRF supports local organisatons in Ethiopia.

Supporting Youth Voices in Ethiopia

October marked the end of our work with UNICEF Ethiopia.

Building onto our experience with UNESCO , CRF was contracted to develop a national curricula for five target groups (youth inschool, youth out-of-school, trainers, media practitioners and undergraduate/graduate journalism students) in order to standardize training methods and strengthen youth media in Ethiopia. This resulted in the development of many new tools for CRF to utilize in its youth radio projects.

energy for radio
participatory media project
from the ground up

The Children's Radio Foundation concentrates on creating innovative tools for radio stations to use across the world to get young people behind the microphone.

From developing games to get young people comfortable to share their views, to creating strategies to foster a more child-friendly radio station, we have tools and resources that allow radio stations to build a youth participatory media project from the ground up. To enable those with the desire to create a project in their community, our toolkits are made available on our website, and we are also happy to work with individuals to make a plan that works for them and their particular community.