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The Children’s Radio Foundation was featured in the Commonwealth Foundation website with some of our exciting updates to our Future Positive project. Here is the article:

The Children’s Radio Foundation have reported some exciting project developments that have occurred in 2014, including their work on World Aids Day.

The most successful of this years interventions have been the live monthly radio broadcasts at Nolungile Youth Clinic (Cape Town, South Africa). The youth-led events host candid talks from visiting speakers, and entertain with local artists who perform on the open mic. The event is held together by an open debate allowing the youth reporters to meaningfully engage visiting and clinic-using youth around the chosen topic. Some of the topics selected over the course of the project have included ‘Freedom in Health’, ‘Imagining Our Future: an HIV-free Africa’, and ‘Loving yourself: self-love as a way to prevent infection’. Due to an ongoing LGBTI focus within the radio broadcasts, the events also have created a sense of community for members of the local LGBTI community. The clinic has become a place where they meet, socialise, learn from others, and participate in debates.

See more of this article on the Commonwealth Foundation website here.

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