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Master Trainers (from right) Fetene, Netsanet and Tesfu during a practical exercise

We are proud to have been a part of researching and producing  four handbooks to be used to improve media on, for, with and by children and youth in Ethiopia.

After a year partnership with UNICEF Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Children, Youth and Women, The Ethiopian Radio and Television Association and key community organizations, we ended with a training of Master Trainers. The Master Trainers will go on to use the curriculum to train youth in different parts of Ethiopia. Ethiopia has institutionalized ‘media clubs’ in schools and youth centers across the country for decades, and we hope that the curriculum we have developed for trainers and youth will assist in making the most of these positive, unique youth spaces.

In addition, we also researched and produced a handbook for journalists as well as an Academic course to teach journalism students the ethics and practices of reporting on, for and with children and youth.

Now that we have trained the Master Trainers and passed on all curriculum to the local implementation partner, Population Media Centre, we will play an advisory role. And we know the future of the project is in very good hands! As Master Trainer Fetene Gebeyehu expressed, “I really appreciate the methodology, even though it is challenging to accept and understand because we were brought up with a lecture method. But now I have become clear and see how important it is for the youth we will be working with, because it allows them to be confident and speak freely.”

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