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Our Future Positive project hosted an exhibition in partnership with the American Corners In the Cape on June 15th, ahead of Youth Day in South Africa. Youth perspectives and lively discussions came out of the crowd in response to the youth produced LGBTI stories, photographs and audio slideshows that were featured.

Our CRF reporters, “Leaders in Diversity” tackle issues around LGBTI youth in Cape Town. A team of twelve young reporters participated in a series of on-going training workshops and mentoring sessions over a six-month period at the American Corner, to build their capacity to use radio and audio slideshows as a tool of activism, advocacy, and social justice. The slideshows produced from this process bring out individual and community portraits of LGBTI youth, livelihoods, struggles, and strategies for success.

Young people packed out a room in the Central Library in Cape Town on June 15th to talk about what it is like being young and gay in a township community. One of the stories profiles Mfundo Dafeti, a young gay man from Crossroads in Nyanga, who explores the concept of “not coming out” as a form of protest for LGBTI rights. The other story features Nosizwe Dumo, a spirited young women from Khayelitsha and her story of being a lesbian women in her community, and amongst her friends. ‘I am Not My Sexuality’ exhibition began as an audio visual presentation but quickly evolved into a lively discussion with the gay, lesbian, transexual, bisexual and intersex people in attendance.

Read about the event in the Cape Argus newspaper or on EWN, and see more photos from the exhibition here.

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