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The Children’s Radio Foundation launches two new project sites in Ivory Coast.  This brings our total up to 10 project sites across the country, and with it a whole new cohort of enthusiastic young people on their way to producing powerful radio.

Without a CRF team on the ground in Ivory Coast, we rely on the help of our implementing partners, Association des Scouts Catholiques de Cote d’Ivoire and UNICEF  Cote D’Ivoire, to train and support our youth reporters. Our most recent training session, facilitated by Clemence Petit-Perrot and Leader Kanyiki took place in Daloa in central Ivory Coast, and was geared towards equipping our implementing partners, our trainers and our youth reporters with the skills they’ll need to run our two new sites – one in Daloa and one in Soubré, which brings the total number of CRF sites up to 10 across the Ivory Coast.

15 young reporters have been recruited at each new site, and the shows produced during the training focused on violence and the use of drugs in schools. We brought all the equipment for a mobile pop-up radio with us to Daloa, so our fresh intake of reporters are going to be able to do lots of special events and outdoors broadcasts. They have already used their pop-up radio booth for an event hosted on World Children’s Day, on November 20th.

We’re looking forward to hearing the radio shows produced by these new voices!

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