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CRF YK Young Reporters getting some radio training at StudyVox FM

In 2013 the Children’s Radio Foundation UK received a grant from Kennington Oversea’s Aid, an Oxfordshire based community organisation who carried out a number of fundraising events over the course of one year to support two radio youth projects within the Young Reporters Network in Tanzania.

The first of these two projects is based on the island of Zanzibar, where CRF’s Young Reporter Network Tanzania works with the local radio station, Zenji FM to train children and youth from Zapha+, an NGO that is committed to uniting and supporting people living with HIV/AIDS. The second project site is in Moshi, in the north east of Tanzania where CRF has partnered with Radio Sauti ya Injili who facilitates the training of young people who are living and working on the streets and are supported by NGO Mkombozi, meaning ‘Liberator’ in Swahili.

CRF UK has it’s own engaged young reporters in Oxford who have been trained at Brunel University. Naiha Masih, Ellie Coote, Molly O’Neill, Ben Bowers and Rod Parker aged 17 to 18 from schools here in Oxford are going out to Tanzania for ten days to visit the project sites. The youth will be accompanied by two CRF UK staff members and will be joined by two highly experienced CRF SA Lead Trainers.

In Tanzania the youth will spend time in each project site meeting, interviewing and collaborating with the Tanzanian young reporters, CRF Trainers and Facilitators, as well as members of staff from the NGO’s, radio stations and local community. The UK youth will report back to the UK in a variety of exciting ways including daily blog posts, filming a short film to be screened at a cinema on their return to Oxford, and a three-five minute audio diary of their interviews, discussions and thoughts which will be aired  on BBC Radio Oxford.

In both of these project sites over the course of 2014 the grant from KOA will go towards designing new curricular materials around the key issues of child abuse, child health and HIV/AIDS; conducting youth leadership trainings; delivering two weeks youth-radio training workshops; and coordinating collaboration between project sites to enable shared learning. Monitoring and evaluation will take place by CRF over the year to see the changes made and the impact these initiatives will have on the youth and wider community.

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