SPECIAL PROJECTS: Watch our HIV stigma video for World AIDS Day | Children's Radio Foundation

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Fighting HIV stigma, one radio broadcast at a time from Children's Radio Foundation on Vimeo.

This World AIDS Day, our youth reporters from Alice in the Eastern Cape of South Africa feature as the catalysts for change in a new video that raises awareness about HIV stigma.

Despite offering free access to antiretroviral treatment, South African clinics often struggle to get youth through the door to test for HIV and access health services. In the town of Alice in the Eastern Cape, nurses say many adolescents only come to the clinic when they are critically ill, making treatment very difficult.

The fear of HIV stigma and discrimination is the key dissuasive factor stopping youth from getting tested and seeking out treatment.

“When you stigmatize someone about their HIV status, you’re killing someone else, because someone else out there will be afraid to go for a HIV test,” says Olwethu Sapula, a  youth reporter working in Alice.

The Breaking New Ground youth reporters from Forte FM use their radio shows to get their community talking about HIV, and to encourage young people to accept their HIV status and take ownership of their health.

“I believe that over time these conversations will make a big impact in our communities. There will be change because when young people speak with their peers, that changes the mindset of other young people.” – Busi Mbetshu, Youth Mentor

Video produced by Makhulu, Children’s Radio Foundation, and Forte FM, and made possible with funding by Comic Relief and the MAC AIDS Fund.

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