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World Children’s Day 2018 addressed the issue of safety and the right to live free from harm. Globally young people took a stand to make their voices heard, and use various platforms to share their opinions. Our youth reporters at our projects in Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa and Ivory Coast were involved in a number of activities.


In South Africa, we had two youth reporters from Alex FM host the UNICEF Facebook Live event, which addressed bullying and safety for young people. Mary-Ann Nobele and Palesa Motaung were sensitive hosts to the event hosted at Ndalo Media in Johannesburg, which was also broadcast via Facebook Live. They spoke about bullying, mental health and how young people can make powerful choices. You can see the live event video here.

In Zambia, our partners Agents of Change Foundation, along with UNICEF Zambia and Global Platform, hosted a symposium ahead of World Childrens’ Day, and facilitated the ‘kids takeover’ at the National Assembly in Lusaka. The symposium prepared young people with their messages and thoughts that they would deliver to the members of Zambia’s Parliament.

Josephine Pumulo, Co-founder of Agents of Change Foundation said, “I’m not ashamed to talk about where I come from. There’s enough space for every child to make it,” at the World Childrens Day workshop in Lusaka.


On November 20th, they presented to the members who sit on the Committee of Children, and proudly shared their youth opinions! The National Assembly Of Zambia gave this year’s World Children’s day event more and more visibility, and Parliament TV broadcasted a pre recorded program of the deliberations the children had with their law-makers.


Ivory Coast youth reporters also celebrated the ‘strong girls and boys who have shown courage around the globe’, through their involvement with UNICEF events. They hosted takeovers in the media, sports, entertainment, business and even government sectors to have their opinions matter and make a difference. In the photo above, we see youth reporters who co-hosted the generation 2.0 show on Trace FM, and gave their opinions on school harassment.

For World Children’s day, the president of the National Assembly, His Excellency Mr. Soro Guillaume Kigbafori, also lent himself to the game, by giving the youth an exclusive interview.

Congratulations to all the youth reporters who made World Children’s Day a success, and demonstrated why it is important to allow children and youth to have platforms to share their views and opinions.

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