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In just over a weeks time, we will host our third Annual Youth Radio Awards in South Africa! Youth from our project sites around South Africa will gather in Cape Town for the Awards, and also to participate in The Ubuntu Lab, an unconventional youth-focused conference.

The Youth Radio Awards are an exciting time for our youth where we celebrate the dedication and passion of our young reporters across South Africa, who are part of the Young Reporters Network (YRN). This year our focus for the Youth Radio Awards is ubuntu. We have received amazing entries in the form of radio shows, stories, poetry and more that reflect on this African concept and philosophy.

Also this year, in partnership with the Templeton World Charity Foundation, the Children’s Radio Foundation will be hosting a one day conference called The Ubuntu Lab. Youth reporters who are finalists in the Youth Radio Awards will attend as well as young reporters from Cape Town and from other youth NGO’s. The Ubuntu Lab will have a panel of youth reporters presenting their reflections and learnings around making radio and doing outreach around the topic of Ubuntu. There will be opportunity for play and creativity, and opportunities to meet inspired individuals! It will be a day for our youth reporters to connect and exchange ideas with each other and realise for themselves what positive impact they are making in the world.

We’re very excited to host this first of it’s kind for the Children’s Radio Foundation!







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