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We use radio to amplify youth voices across Africa, giving them the skills and tools to speak about their lives

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Sophia Stone


Oxford, UK

Since September 2013, Sophia has been the International Development Coordinator of the Children’s Radio Foundation, supporting the UK Director in all aspects of running CRF-UK’s office. Sophia supports, coordinates and project manages CRF’s work ranging from fundraising, events, advocacy, finances, office administration, internal & external communications and strategic development.

What is your background & how did you get involved with CRF?

I have a degree in International Development & Sociology during which I focused on Human Rights. I have worked in Ghana on the Millennium Development Goals in youth, citizenship, poverty, and education as an Assistant Researcher and I also contributed towards research outputs for the Economic Social Research Council in the UK. I have gained exposure to development issues from extensive overseas travel, and voluntary commitment to numerous Social Justice organisations over a number of years. These include Amnesty International, Oxfam and grassroots and social action work. I came across the work of the Children’s Radio Foundation through word of mouth and jumped at the opportunity to work in an organisation that places the child, their voice and their rights in their community at the centre.

What makes you excited to go to work everyday?

Knowing that the work that I do contributes towards growing the opportunities and spaces for young people and allowing their stories to be heard. My enthusiasm for my work is further strengthened by the dynamic and varied work opportunities I support and the endless energy, vision and warmth of our wonderful UK Director – Charlotte Bannister-Parker.

What has been the highlight of your service?

Having the opportunity to fly to Tanzania and South Africa to visit our project sites and meet our brilliant, invigorating youth who are shaping their destinies in action – against all odds.

What do you think makes CRF an exceptional organization?

CRF is very unique in it’s approach to sustainable development. We invest in the future of Africa: the youth. CRF fully understands the needs of young people in Africa and places them at the heart of each and every project.

Partnerships – We work with carefully approved partners that support and adhere to our ways of working, transparency sustainability and youth-led approaches.

Energy- the energy of our staff, trainers, and the young people is a testament to their commitment to the process.

Opportunities – CRF enables our Young Reporters to have access to opportunities to be heard over the radio, across their communities and beyond.

Passionate – everyone involved is passionate about what we do, how we do it and why.

Life skills – the skills our youth gain are more than just radio skills. They are communication skills for life.

Education – CRF trains our youth in their Child-Rights, and our radio programmes on social and health issues are educational & informative.




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