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Mathapelo, YRN SA Project Manager

Mathapelo Mofokeng

Cape Town

Since March 2014, Mathapelo is the Project Manager for the Young Reporters Network in South Africa. She coordinates 275 youth reporters across 18 sites in all nine provinces of South Africa, assisting with direct program support, new project development and community-based partnerships.

What is your background and how did you get involved with CRF?
I’ve been a production member in various commercials as well as international and South African feature films. Production is a logistically heavy job and so when i heard of the CRF  Project Manager vacancy, it was an opportunity to align my logistical abilities with my outreach shaped heart.

What makes you excited to go to work everyday?
The opportunity to be able towards what i think is the ‘bigger picture’ in my life. Though my involvement is from a logistical and project managerial end, my aim is  to work towards discovering and inspiring young reporters to enter into reality so that, by knowing it better, can tell stories. Further to that, is then the thrill that comes from seeing the ‘actual activity’ or rather the internal transformation and growth that happens within the youth, the confidence, the zeal, the wisdom, the life skills and the hope that the network instils in them.

What has been the highlight of your service?
The challenges and the opportunity to then overcome them. They’ve kept me stimulated and they’ve forced me to see the youth and their communities unveiled.

What do you think makes CRF and exceptional organization?
Allow me to be cheesy for a moment, but below is how i’d summarise it.

C – for its commitment. Commitment to our partners, the youth and the community radio stations.

R – for its realness. CRF does not treat its youth as targets for programs to merely be implemented on and through, but rather as individuals with endless possibilities if only they can be given the tools to explore these.

F – for its flexibility. Though CRF has models and programs in place, these models are often  tailored to meet the needs of the youth and the stature of the community.


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  1. Bazil Tau says:

    We are in the Northern Cape Prov. and have a community broadcasting license, to operate a community youth radio station, by the name of Northern Cape Youth Radio Station, last year, and our challenge is to get support and funding for equipment from MDDA, and other dononers, we would like to have info on your equipment and supplier please?
    Our time is running out, and no other would like to help us in this regard,

    “one in community development”
    This will not go unnotice,for your help and willingness to help us reach the goals set for our youths in the NC. drugs, gangstars and HIV is high please help us to make a difference in their lives,

    God bless your work and inccrease your love,
    Bazil Tau.

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