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Zama Chamane (Mother)


Durban, South Africa


Mxolisi Chamane


South African Youth Reporters Network site at Vibe FM, the youth radio show is called ‘Vibrant Youth’.

How did you come to enroll your child in the CRF program?

Mxolisi was introduced to CRF by Sboniso Dlamuka (former youth reporter). He used to invite Mxolisi for live debates on occasional Fridays. Bonga, the Youth Facilitator noticed Mxolisi and invited him to a workshop, lead by CRF members, to join as a youth reporter. From there he never looked back. I think it was late 2014.

What difference do you think the program has made in your child’s life? How have you seen him grow?

It has made a huge difference in his life because he used to be shy. He was never comfortable talking in front of people but now he is no longer afraid. He speaks with confidence. He shows confidence on air and speaks freely. Even at school his grades have improved ever since he joined the program – for me that shows that the program is making a difference in his life. He better manages his time now. He knows when it is time to study and when it is time to focus on CRF work. Ever since he started managing his time well he has been passing with flying colors. He got a ‘B’ last year. That made me really happy.

This program makes me happy because it has taught him how to host a show. Neighbors asks him to be a programs director during ceremonies, and he stands in front of people without being afraid.

As a single parent I would like to thank CRF for teaching Mxolisi to become a reporter, host and producer, and a brand that kids look up to as a role model; a person that they wish to be when they grow up; a disciplined, well behaved child that does not engage in poor behavior and does not galavant. Mxolisi is a child that does not have time to engage in bad behavior but time to improve his life and grow. CRF has taught and molded him to that person.

Thank you.

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