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Martha Zulu leading a CRF training in Livingstone, Zambia

My name is Martha Zulu from the Eastern region of Zambia in Sub-Saharan Africa. I grew up on a farm in Chipata district. Life at the farm was very routine and there was not much to do but thankfully I had my parents two band radio for information and entertainment. As a child I realized the  power of radio because this was – and still is – how most farmers in our area gather information to discuss agricultural matters.

It was from this close relationship that I developed a passion for radio and motivation to read literature and other story books to my now late mother. I knew I could read out information on radio to people just like I read stories to my mother during my life at the farm. It was from the many years that I lived closely with radio that helped me realize that it is a very strong medium for social change.

The passion for communication motivated me to seek employment with a community based commercial radio station in Chipata district in Eastern Zambia. It was from here that my dream to use radio to communicate was born. I later specialized in journalism training at the Zambia Institute of Mass Communication, Thomson Reuters Foundation among others. This gave me the desired skills to effectively use radio to entertain, inform and raise awareness in communities with a focus towards children’s programming.

How did you get involved with CRF?
From my work with theZambia Institute of Mass Communication and Thompson Reuters Foundation I was  recommended to work with the Children’s Radio Foundation. And since that then I have contributed to empowering youth with media skills, and I find great fulfillment in the work I do with the youth.

What do you think makes our training program effective and unique?
I find CRF media training for youth a very unique form of training. It is youth friendly and the materials are tailor-made. I also respect that following training, youth are able to use the skills immediately.

What has been the highlight of your service?
Radio is my life and one of the highlights of working with CRF has been witnessing how young people can be transformed into skilled communicators. For instance, Kazonga an 11-year-old child of Kabwe district in central Zambia who confidently chose to be a producer of the radio show following his training.

What impact does CRF have on the community?
The CRF project in Zambia has made tremendous impact in the communities where the trained youth operate because they are able to professionally write and talk about issues that affect them. One CRF-trained youth, Muka Kalama, is being offered a job as youth presenter on Ndola’s Sun Radio station.

Have a listen to the show produced by the Kabwe Climate Ambassadors after their training with CRF, lead by Kazonga the 11-year-old youth reporter:


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