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Sthembiso Ndumo, "Future Buidling 16" facilitator and YRN 2014 Best Facilitator

My name is Sthembiso Protas Ndumo, I’m from Newcastle in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. I am currently working for the Newcastle Community Radio Station and I am the Facilitator for the YRN Future Building 16 group. In this capacity, I just won the Best Facilitator Award at the June 15th Youth Radio Awards in Cape Town!

I started as a part time presenter doing a teenage talk show named “Talk and Be Heard” in 2004 and then I became a producer from 2006 until 2007. Due to studying purposes I had to leave the station for a few years after I completed my matric in 2007. I then went to Amajuba to Study Electrical Engineering because my mother said, “you need something to fall back on”. 

After that I then went back to radio and became a breakfast show presenter and a show on Saturday night and later on work on the production studio doing adverts, station promos and jingles.

My inspiration is the community I grew up in b, in a township where people look down on others for no reason. I would like to leave a mark for people to know that I was here and that it is possible for anyone no matter who and where you come from. Believe in yourself so that others will also believe in you, in life there are people who make history and there are people who read about history…as the YRN let us be the people making history!

“Be your own competition, be your own motivation”. Meaning always be better than your last performance, make a difference in your community and in someone’s life”

How did you get involved with CRF?
At the station I am currently the Head of Production and a Youth Facilitator for CRF, but also heading the stations branding and promotions.
I was selected to be the Youth Facilitator because I was the first one to be producing a youth/teenage talk show at our radio station so they thought it was a good Idea for me to facilitate the youth. It is a great honour to inspire the youth and to know that it’s not only the youth of Newcastle but also from other provinces, this gives me a challenge though because I have to work even more harder to change other people’s lives I’m so happy and I’m very grateful to be given a chance to work with the youth and facilitators from all over.

What do you think makes the CRF training effective and unique?

I think it’s the fact that everyone is given the opportunity to do and practise what they are being trained on during the training so that makes it easy for everyone to understand.

What has been the highlight of your time with CRF?

All of it! the time that I have been with CRF has been the one of the best experience I have had on radio not only because I got training with CRF but also because I have had a chance to train others and to change some lives out in my community.

What impact does CRF have on your community?

I would positively say it has a good impact on our community because we do get positive feedback from youth and even some parents do support the programme that we have and also by the number of people who would like to join our group.

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