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Lisa von Clemm Memorial Project

About the Project 

The Lisa von Clemm Memorial Project is a program that combines Lisa’s love of Tanzania with her lifelong passion for radio. The project is based in Mwanza, Tanzania and will use the power of radio to raise awareness around the prevention, transmission and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) in children.

With the primary goal of reducing the impact of TB among young people in Tanzania, we will work with our partners and a local community radio station, to train 15 young TB patients to create radio programmes about the disease. The highlight of the project will be the set-up and operation of a youth run radio station, providing a sustainable way to disseminate accurate TB related information to children.

TB Case Study: Claudi’s story

Claudi became very sick when he was 6 years old and was taken to a local clinic by his grandmother, where he met a volunteer, Lulu. The doctor suspected TB and the laboratory confirmed the diagnosis. Lulu visited Claudi and his family to explain treatment methods and visited his school to educate his classmates about TB. Claudi has made a full recovery and is now speaking out to other young people about the disease. The project will mean that we are able to tell stories like Claudi’s, and we hope to engage and enable children like him to become agents of change in the movement to eradicate TB.

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How does radio help?

The fight against TB isn’t a scientific or a biological challenge, it’s an educational one. Though drugs for treatment are readily available, TB still takes a heavy toll in Tanzania, with approximately 170,000 cases and 58,000 deaths every year.

The content of the radio programmes will have three clear objectives:

1. Prevention: Many people are still misinformed about the way TB is transmitted, and many people think it can’t affect children. Broadcasting educative programmes on simple and effective preventive measures, such as covering the mouth when coughing and adequate hygiene habits, is an efficient and effective mechanism for reducing TB infection rates.

2. Debunking Stigma: TB is regarded as a shameful disease, seen as a ‘disease of the poor’, and therefore patients find themselves ostracized. Talking publicly about TB will challenge stigma and encourage greater willingness to seek a diagnosis.

3. Treatment Completion: Side effects from the drugs, combined with significant distances to medical dispensaries often deter patients from finishing treatment. Amplifying supportive voices in the community through better information will encourage patients to complete their treatment regimes.

Your generous support will help us to make strides to combat TB in Tanzania. Donations to the Lisa von Clemm Memorial Fund can be made by following the links below.