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Patricia winning the competition!

We have 9 young reporters currently attending the 11th International conference of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) in Accra, Ghana. Along with members of the Children’s Radio Foundation and UNICEF team, are Patricia (17) and Olive (13) from Cote d’Ivoire, who have been Young Reporters since 2014.

These two girls were selected after participating in a competition amongst their peers to attend the AMARC conference, and won!   Their competition entries responded to the question: ‘What is the role of radio in my community?’  You can listen to Patricia’s audio commentary in French here.

Patricia shares her personal connection to the importance of radio in her life:  “It’s very important for me because it allowed me and my family to escape from the political crisis that happened in 2002 as they gave us information about when we needed to leave and where were the NGOs that were helping the displaced. In a way it’s thanks to radio that I am here today.”

The conference in Ghana will bring together community radio professionals from around the world. Patricia and Olive will be a part of a two-day session dedicated to youth in community radio. We also have three young reporters from our Young Reporters Network (YRN) in Tanzania, and three South African YRN young reporters also attending the conference.


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