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We’re Live! Our Pop-up radio station at the International AIDS Conference in Durban is live and our young reporters from Tanzania, Zambia, Ivory Coast, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) start broadcasting full time on Tuesday 19 July.

To join the estimated 8 million listeners across Africa, find our live radio streaming link. Our team of 16 youth reporters have honed their radio skills in the areas of research, interviewing, and content production. They are all involved in regular broadcasting and “narrowcasting” at their respective local community and school stations.  With the pop-up station at AIDS 2016, they hope to foster youth expression, debate, and to keep decision-makers on their toes and hold them to account.

The young reporters will challenge delegates and experts to engage with them on topics such as stigma, LGBTI issues, treatment and youth-friendly services, bringing a ‘hard talk’ youth angle to this important global event.  The reporters will also have the opportunity to interview leading scientists and policy makers from around the world, as well as engaging young people in developing their own ‘call to action’ for adolescent HIV policy.

Tune in to listen to everything coming out of the AIDS Conference from the youth perspective!







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